Why 'My Tracker Tree'?

"First, have a definite, clear, practical ideal; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end." - Aristotle

My Tracker Tree In Hand

Most of us have had a desire to change something in our lives at one time or another! Perhaps a need to lose a certain amount of weight, improve our fitness levels, give up smoking or maybe overcome low self-esteem and confidence issues! These are reasonable and admirable objectives, but it can all too often seem overwhelming, and difficult to stay focused.

To keep our focus, we need to be passionate and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed! And the best way we can do that is to get motivated!

Find your motivation and you'll have your success!

Achieving any worthy objective is made easier by using motivational aids. That's the way we humans work best! By employing visual knowledge, we realise just what we are capable of!

It's very satisfying to see progress when each small success is displayed on the branches of your 'My Tracker Tree'. Or, by becoming aware that you are slowing up or gradually moving away from your chosen route, you could give yourself the spur you need to get back on track!

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Each leaf you shade with your chosen 'positive' colour is another step towards your goal, another day ended with a good outcome. Each leaf shaded with your 'negative' or 'neutral' colour will show when you are letting things slide. But that's still an important action to record, since it will help you to identify your weaknesses and aid you to get stronger and more focused.

Try to choose colours which speak to you on a personal level. Remember, there are no right or wrong colours, what matters is how you associate colours with both positive and negative emotions.

If you find you have become distracted and moving towards your goal more slowly than expected, it's not a problem because you can adjust your timeline expectations. When this happens, your 'My Tracker Tree' will serve as a constant reminder of what you should be focusing on, and thereby help you to remain motivated.

My Tracker Tree Packaging

At each month-end, it's crucial to celebrate your progress so far. Your goal is evolving but it's still important to reward yourself for each success along your journey!

Simply by placing your framed 'My Tracker Tree' where it's visible, and working in this systematic way, you'll be able to modify your objectives in real time, see what's needed to stay on course, and ultimately ensure you are always heading in the right direction!

With your 'My Tracker Tree' you will be taking the first step to making your goal a reality!

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